Water Treatment in Northern Ireland

Contaminant-free, crystal-clear water that’s so clean you can drink it.

Top-class water filtration systems so efficient you’ll save money, time and help the environment.

Water Treatment 

Services throughout Northern Ireland

Modern businesses like yours need safe, secure, eco-friendly, and legally compliant water treatment solutions.

And you’ll want all work carried out by highly trained engineers.

Engineers, who, when they’re not helping your company, are attending training courses to keep their knowledge and methods totally up to date.

Are you a time-poor business owner, contracts manager, maintenance manager, or estates manager looking for an all-in-one, hassle-free solution?

Or maybe you’re a leisure and hospitality manager trying to ensure health and safety compliance?

Maybe you have a private swimming pool or bore well system that you want to ensure is safe and clean?

Complete Water Treatment are one of Irelands leading suppliers of water treatment equipment.

We’ll take care of everything and let you focus on other essential tasks.

Happy customers of ours include Northern Ireland industries such as:

Hospitality and Leisure

Food and Drink

Health and Social Care 



Privately-owned swimming pools

Breweries and Distilleries

Metal Finishing 

And many more industries.

Swimming Pool and Spa Services

Swimming pools, spa and hydrotherapy pools can provide the ultimate therapeutic experience.

But, unsurprisingly, when pools and bathing facilities aren’t professionally maintained, potentially deadly bacteria has an ideal breeding ground.

Complete Water Treatment specialise in swimming pool maintenance and sand filter refurbishment throughout Northern Ireland.

Whether yours is a large commercial pool or a small, private pool in your garden, our team of engineers can install, service and maintain it.

Your facility will meet all environmental and health standards, from complete chemical dosing systems to bespoke maintenance programs.

Swimming Pool and Spa Services

AFM (Activated Filter Media)

When you’re choosing filtration for your swimming pool, you’ll want a system that’s tried and tested and best in class.

One that moves away from using sand to something that’s 100% bio-resistant.

A system that’s trusted by Belfast Zoo’s Sea Lion pool. 

If those little seals could talk, they’d probably congratulate us on the cleanliness of their home and the crystal clear water.

After years of R&D on swimming pools and commercial pools, we now only use AFM®, the best performing filter media on the market with a certified 1-micron filtration rate.

With an impressive 50-60% reduction in water consumption (great for the environment!) AFM® is a sustainable product made of recycled glass.

Even better, your pool will enjoy a significant reduction in chemicals and lower chlorine consumption.

You’ll benefit from world-leading technology that’s reliable and won’t break the bank.

Say goodbye to chlorine smells, bacteria and parasites with the world’s number one filter media.

And it’s available in every filter running with Sand or Glassand, in natural pools and saltwater pools, at all temperatures and with every oxidation method.

AFM (Activated Filter Media)

UV Disinfection

You want bacteria-free water that leaves no taint, chemicals or residue in treated water.

And you’ll want a world-class UV filter unit.

One that breaks down chloramine, kills nasty parasites resistant to chlorine and quickly and cleanly removes viruses and moulds.

Complete Water Treatment supplies, installs and maintains WRAS-approved UV water filters to businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

So, whether you need UV disinfection for legionella control, drinking water, process water, borewell UV treatment, effluent discharge, irrigation or a swimming pool, we’ve got you covered.

UV Disinfection

Reverse Osmosis

Say hello to an all-in-one solution to enhance the quality of your water. 

We supply, install, maintain and repair a wide variety of systems, freeing you to focus on other vital parts of the business.

Made in GB, Reverse Osmosis is high quality, and users enjoy higher efficiency.

Best of all, RO systems are suitable for a wide range of needs and industries, including, Food and beverage production, breweries, distilleries, agricultural production and car manufacturers.

It’s also ideal for car washes, beauty products, boiler and cooling tower production, chemical production, and data centres.

Reverse Osmosis

Chlorine Generation

When you’re creating chlorine, there can be many time-consuming, costly tasks you have to complete.

But at Complete Water Treatment Ltd, our customers sing from the rooftops about how our Hyprolyser® Compact has saved them time and money.

And they appreciate that we’ve minimised the risk of mixing chemicals on-site.

As approved suppliers and installers of the Gaffey Chlorine Generators, you’ll benefit from a system that’s sustainable and supplied with an integrated 200L product tank.

With a 100KG salt tank capacity, it requires only a topping of the salt topper and offers both online and offline units.

Chlorine Generation

Filtration Services

When cutting-edge water filtration technology meets simplicity, magical things happen.

Whether you’re in hospitality and leisure, agriculture, catering, health or somewhere else, you’ll love how we take care of everything, including design, supply and install.

Our bespoke filtration systems are tailor-made to your needs, compliant and, best of all, save you time and money.

Filtration & Ion Exchange 


Water Treatment Services

The quality of our water has never been more important.

That’s why at Complete Water Treatment, our tailored service covers everything you need to ensure legal compliance, health and safety, and cost-efficiency.

And as an eco-friendly company, you’ll benefit from our systems that are designed to be kind to our natural environment.

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