Chlorine Generation 

Safer, cleaner and greener chlorine systems. 

When you’re creating chlorine, there can be many time-consuming, costly and hazardous steps to complete.

But at Complete Water Treatment Ltd, our customers sing from the rooftops about how the Hyprolyser® range of Electrolytic Chlorination Systems and Electrochlorination Chlorination Systems saves them time and money.

And they appreciate how we’ve minimised the risk of mixing chemicals on-site, with versatile and integrated ventilation.

As registered and approved suppliers and installers of Gaffey Chlorine Generators, you’ll benefit from a sustainable system.

Offering both online and offline units, the Hyprolyser® is ideal for chlorine demands from 6g Cl2/hr up to 8500g Cl2/hr.

The Hyprolyser® range of systems are suitable for use in commercial pool treatment, food and beverage processing water treatment, and drinking water systems.

It’s also ideal for utility cleaning and facilities management wastewater treatment plants.

Belfast Zoo Case Study

Belfast Zoo and Complete Water Treatment are celebrating the benefits of Hyprolyser® technology, one year after installation. Manufactured in the UK by Gaffey, the Hyprolyser® unit been a great success in keeping the Sea Lion pool clean, contributing to the animals’ health and wellbeing, but the zoo has been able to reinvest significant direct cost savings back into the zoo.

What is Chlorine Generation, and how is it done?

Chlorine Generation is a safer, cleaner, and greener way to provide chlorine for various disinfection uses.

Using only electricity, salt and softened water, the Hyprolyser® is ideal for the Commercial Swimming Pool, Food & Beverage Processing, Drinking Water & utilities and Facilities Management.

Even more impressive, a single Hyprolyser® Compact system can treat several pool volumes; simply top up the salt topper and enjoy the rest of your day.

While other systems are messy and costly, the Hyprolyser® range of Electrolytic Chlorination systems are economical and sustainable.

Saltwater chlorinators like the Hyprolyser® range are becoming more popular in recent years.

That’s due in no small part to the reduction in risk of mixing chemicals on-site and minimising the risk of operator’s intervention, and reduction in operating costs.

10 reasons you’ll love the Hyprolyser® Electrolytic Chlorination systems

  1. The Hyprolyser comes with a five year limited, pro-rata warranty.
  2. The Compact system fits through a standard doorway.
  3. The Hyprolyser® range of systems are available from 6 to 8500g Cl2/hr models.
  4. 100kg salt capacity (32kg Cl2).
  5. Enjoy a hassle-free, 110/230/415v ‘plug & play’ installation.
  6. The Hyprolyser® system produces a clean, non-hazardous sodium hypochlorite solution (<1% Cl2) on demand.
  7. Operation of the system and filling of the product tank is automatic.
  8. Water softener is included.
  9. Unique, patent-pending volumetric brine and water measurement.
  10. The hypochlorite solution is produced on demand and transferred to a product storage tank ready for use with standard dosing pumps.

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