AFM® (Activated Filter Media)

When you’re choosing filtration for your swimming pool, you’ll want a system that’s tried and tested and best in class.

You’ll want a system that provides water so crystal clear you can see your reflection in it.

And water so safe and clean you could drink it.

More Northern Ireland companies than ever are moving away from using costly, unreliable sand filtration systems that are bad for the environment.

Complete Water Treatment use only the most efficient, eco-friendly, value for money system available.

One that’s 100% bio-resistant and trusted by Belfast Zoo’s Sea Lion Pool and half a million swimming pools and both drinking water and industrial water treatment works worldwide.

A system that prioritises reducing water, heat, and chemical consumption, eliminates the nasty chlorine smell and has up to 50% fewer THMs.


Fully prevents bacterial growth, biocoagulation and channeling in the filter bed

Provides exceptional water clarity: Certified 1 micron filtration (w/o flocculation)

Delivers stable filtration performance and outlasts all other filter media

Certified for pools, potable water use (NSF 50/61), food & drinks markets (HACCP)

Prevents the formation of harmful disinfection by-products (THMs, NCl3)

Significantly lowers chlorine oxidation demand

Attracts and removes heavy metals, organic matters and microplastics

Offers substantial water and energy savings thanks to shorter and slower backwashes

That’s why - after years of R&D - we use AFM® on all swimming pool and water filtration applications for clients that previously used sand.

AFM® is the best performing filter media on the market with a certified 1-micron filtration rate.

Not only does the world-leading technology cut the risk of infections by bacteria and parasites, but AFM® outlasts all other filter media.


That means you’ll enjoy those same high-performance standards year after year.

You’ll love the fact that it performs 50% better than sand filters - that’s without any additional infrastructure investment.

AFM® is a sustainable product made of recycled glass, helping your business become more eco-friendly.

You’ll notice quite quickly an impressive 50-60% reduction in water consumption, great for you and great for the environment.

And you’ll benefit from world-leading technology that’s reliable and won’t break the bank.

AFM® is available in every filter running with Sand or Glassand, in natural pools and saltwater pools, at all temperatures and with every oxidation method.

Start your journey towards efficiency today.

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