Ultraviolet Water Filters in Northern Ireland

We supply, install and maintain all UV Filtration systems to customers across Northern Ireland.

How UV Disinfection works

Using an invisible, short-wave (254nm) light source, UV Disinfection disrupts the DNA of microorganisms.

This disruption prevents cells from reproducing, meaning that harmful pathogens cannot multiply, leaving them ‘dead’

UV Water Filtration

You want bacteria-free process water that leaves no taint, chemicals or residue in treated water.

And you want a world-class, organic UV filter unit that’s easy to maintain.

Complete Water Treatment supplies, installs and maintains WRAS-approved UV water filters to businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

High-Quality UV Filtration Units

You want a UV Filtration Unit that breaks down chloramine, kills nasty parasites resistant to chlorine and quickly and cleanly removes viruses and moulds.

Whether you need UV disinfection for legionella control, drinking water, process water, borewell UV treatment, microbial control, effluent discharge, irrigation or a swimming pool, we’ve got you covered.

UV Water Disinfection

No matter what industry you’re in, you want treated water that leaves no taint, chemicals or residue.

And for a growing number of Northern Ireland businesses, UV water disinfection is the ideal solution.

That’s because using UV light is quick and clean, and better still, no bacteria, viruses, or moulds are immune from the killing power of UV. 

The UV lamps emit UV at 254nm, which is lethal to the DNA contained in the cells of bacteria.

As a result, UV stops the bacteria from reproducing, effectively killing them. 

Get in touch to find a UV that will suit your application.

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